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Founder of Next Acropolis. MS in Information Systems and Technology, Claremont Graduate University... Background in software engineering and teaching.

Have I called you lately?

If so, you are a privileged many: sororities, fraternities, academic societies, pre-professional organizations.  We want your ear. We are trying to restructure the labor economy, and we are starting with the top of the food chain. The campus elites, the … Continue reading

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When you’re too busy to blog… It’s probably best not to It’s because you’re engaged in too many trade secrets to blog. So apologies for not blogging for several months (I used to blog bi-weekly!) Truth be told, it’s easier … Continue reading

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Creating the 360 degree vantage point, in building a career

I was very inspired to read Lou Adler’s assessment on the state of corporate recruiting. Occasionally I read a blog post that gets remembered as a tipping-point; in this article Adler makes it clear that the era of systems, and the … Continue reading

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Enhancing the labor market economy by coupling the search and social web

This month contained a set of important milestones for us, including: 1) the completion of our first complete version, helping students expand their awareness of the relevance of their academics 2) employing graduates and current students in the marketing of … Continue reading

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recital: why resumes are failing grads

In my last post I shared some advice with a recent graduate. It really kills me to see a person I have trained not graduate to immediate success. I feel that professors are really the only people who can successfully … Continue reading

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Your resume, and how insignificant it is right now

Some out takes from an email exchange, me advising a former student. The student had just sent me her resume. Threads below: BUND: [student], do you have a preference for an industry you want to get involved in? (ie clean … Continue reading

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Questioning the value of higher ed in a tippy labor economy, and forging on despite the rapids

I hate to get sucked into the techcrunch news blog, but it’s unavoidably the best news source for venture-internet stuff. I was drawn to Peter Thiel’s rant on the value of higher education. In it he casts doubt on the … Continue reading

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