Have I called you lately?

If so, you are a privileged many: sororities, fraternities, academic societies, pre-professional organizations.  We want your ear.

We are trying to restructure the labor economy, and we are starting with the top of the food chain. The campus elites, the homecoming kings, the debutantes, the corporate jet set. We want you all.

What are we planning to do with you?

We are going to make it easier for students to construct a future that makes sense. And do the same for graduates, who are trying to build firms with the best people.

Who might the best people be? We’re changing that definition, too. Instead of allowing corporate america to assume that the only students worth hiring are the ivies, the state techs, the universities of wonderful, we are saying something new. The students you wish to hire are those who care about your business model, are steeped in expertise in what you are, are players, ready to play.

Corporate america should make assumptions, no more. They should hire graduates who wrote papers on things you want them to know, coming in. There should not be a long break-in period for your graduate hires. There should not be extensive training. There should be near-immediate ROI, no risk to hire, and no doubt that they will make impact on day one.

In short, we are delivering the highly productive, highly relevant, best-trained people to your doorstep. We are delivering the young energy you assume you are getting when you recruit graduates — and narrow any ambiguity to zero.


We’ve constructed a technology that asks for your job description, the skills you demand, and gather a group who possess background that fits it. It changes the way recruitment works, and it alters how students pursue career growth. Instead of asking “where are the jobs,” our users are asking “who cares about what I care about?”

 It’s time to up your expectations

Companies no longer employ people to do rote, repetitive or mindless work. Each job requires someone with commitment who can generate immense value, due to their deep insight into their industry. Each student aspires to be this person, but cannot become this unless they can connect their academic interest to an actual job.

When the student’s most passionate topic can be pursued at a company, the student becomes the ideal employee. We strive for this moment 24/7 x 365 days a year, and we are the place to accomplish this miracle pairing.

It’s information technology! We can do this!

When a student describes what they wrote about in term papers, and reveals what they spent their days studying (inside their chosen major), they can give employers decisionable insight. Since your interests can be boiled down into language which we treat as semantics, our search technology can go to work assembling the opportunities students seek, and the individuals corporations demand.

A new economy is upon us that demands high output from employers and high job satisfaction from a new generation. We can do both, and do this for a large population, and we are beginning with the groups that are always on the cusp of doing this: hellenics, associations, pre-pro societies and alumni groups.

We are going where the work is — in helping these highly cohesive organizations accomplish their lifetime missions.

We hope we get you on the phone to discuss how we can help you make your organization the most vital it can be.


About stefan bund

Founder of Next Acropolis. MS in Information Systems and Technology, Claremont Graduate University... Background in software engineering and teaching.
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