recital: why resumes are failing grads

In my last post I shared some advice with a recent graduate. It really kills me to see a person I have trained not graduate to immediate success. I feel that professors are really the only people who can successfully guide a young person right now. I also feel that when students send a resume to an employer, that they can’t capture the essence of what they have to contribute.

This is attributable to two true things:
1) resume details what you’ve learned, via experience, in an industry. This is equatable to an education at a school.
2) academic details are absent from the resume. So only industry experience is served through this medium.

I have found that resumes gain relevance for students once they put in some academic information. But for students to submit electronic resumes into the career placement systems in corporations, they almost always lose. Our belief that the eportfolio helps students is remarkably true. We have found that when students divulge the rich skillset they acquire while in school, they can present a much more viable case to employers. A resume hides what you have to contribute because it only permits the language of the profession, and students fundamentally lack that background, and want to move beyond what they’ve already done.

The young person whose emails I shared last time were real. Her plight reflects how little students are steered into a particular industry. They must know that industries value knowledge about their industry. It’s imperative that you not steer yourself into a job, but toward a particular field of human endeavor, and that’s where you will succeed.

Next is fundamentally about helping you discover what kinds of companies value your knowledge. This is the kind of education you need beyond just the things we discuss in class.


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Founder of Next Acropolis. MS in Information Systems and Technology, Claremont Graduate University... Background in software engineering and teaching.
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