When expectations of employers and students collide…

DATELINE:     Singapore

This recent article covers the Malaysian perspective on what motivates their students to join up with a company. It’s the management training program, which promises to train them to be somebody meaningful in the corporation.

Why not? This fits with the personalities in the Y Generation. Desiring guidance, this group really wants to join with a firm that wants to build their competancy, values their personality, and has plans for them.

The only way to sustain a world class firm is to grab ahold of talent that can work expansively, and nurture it with the insight provided from senior mentors. Then, once these individuals have acquired their adulthood via this company, they need the vertical path to keep them there. Any well-trained young person would expect this (assuming they planned on putting their ‘all’ into their work…)

DATELINE:      Salt Lake City

Employers dish horror stories about recent graduates, recruited during an historic cash crunch. Despite the dream-jobs of many graduates, few will receive them. Most will get recruited by firms who believe they can make something of a recent grad, but will have a minimal get-used-to-it period.

The firm interviewed shared experiences of 22-year olds bashing bosses on Twitter, drinking binges captured on Twitter (despite calling in sick), and general inappropriate behavior on the job.

They state that they risk a lot with a new graduate. Also, that schools need to create programs where the work environment is discussed at length, and the differences between college culture, and the economy, are made clear. Students matriculating from schools, now can be great, but in their experience (which deals with sales and marketing), new student recruits need a lot of education in the culture of the workplace.

Sales and marketing recruits are constantly sought, because positions in sales constantly open up, as people move from one sales opportunity to another. There is continual turn-around, and sales professionals are absolutely instrumental to any entity.

We believe that finding the right new hire can be easier once the employer dreams a little about what the person should have studied. If you have a sales and marketing job, perhaps those concentrators in sales and marketing would make very, very good recruits. Given an understanding of your product line, they should be ready to go to town once they learn your sales culture. The right people are largely determined by major, then the filtration process gets simple. Just send them a message, set up a meet, and get to know them.

We aim to make this process simple, and imbue our software with the IQ you, yourself would apply to locate your own business partners. In our economic environment, every competitive stress gets heightened and every normal challenge becomes more dire. We believe that for the general labor economy to function like these demands don’t exist, can be potentially paralyzing.

We want to make competancy-based hiring a reality for firms looking to source talent out of university, in order to create a class of talent in the firm you plan to invest in for long term growth.


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Founder of Next Acropolis. MS in Information Systems and Technology, Claremont Graduate University... Background in software engineering and teaching.
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