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Capturing Vital Talent in the Process of 'Restoring American Competitiveness'

Restoring american competitiveness, and the hunt for vital talent A wonderful article in Harvard Business Review on ‘Restoring American Competitiveness,’ heard yesterday in their podcast. I almost drove off the road as I read this, as it speaks to the … Continue reading

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US Productivity Jumps at record rate: does this mean a real recovery is underway?

US corporate productivity is up, good news for economists, but mixed news for students coming out of school. Increased productivity means an increase in the value created per hour worked, per laborer. This means that the strongest workers are churning out much more valuable work… the existential question for young graduates and grads-to-be, is can they insert themselves into this elite-only workforce? We believe that they can, under the appropriate circumstances where they can show their mettle. Read on. Continue reading

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