Making Chaos Work for You

Instead of filling people in on the slowdown in hiring, the increase in unemployment, and the hardships of finding a job in these economic times, I will assume you’ve heard about this…

Here are a few quick thoughts I have, which you might not have heard on CNN:

  • The stars of the NYSE are in a twilight; their inviability will become more and more real; it’s scary to think of how many firms need to borrow money to operate, each day
  • Declines in share prices are sparking a buying frenzy among even the most everyday of individual investors, however. There will be a bull market among firms with deeply depressed stock prices.
  • Don’t expect growth from firms that are in an end-of-life position — some major firms are ready to be liquidated (think automotive, and some banks)
  • Who said campus recruiting was a meaningful way to get a job? It’s a great way to start a job with Enterprise Car Rental, and the Waffle House (these are both very steady, well-run firms), but they may not have work that’s directly applicable to your personal interests.
  • The small, interesting, nimble firms you would want to work for don’t have campus ties, may not be in your immediate area (unless you’re in Boston, Seattle, Orange County, CA, Silicon Valley, certain parts of Florida, and Research Triangle in NC). Do you go to school in these parts of the country? Most likely, recruiting has decreased at the campus career fair, and will be the same companies there as last year.
  • The old giants are suffering. Go ahead, try any name. Even Google is shrinking their recruiting operations.
  • Who’s growing? Companies you haven’t heard of, because you only know the big brand names.
  • Under our current horizon, the big, broke companies won’t be infinitely bailed out. However, the small energy, biotech, health-IT, and other upstarts will be stimulated. This is because they will grow in the future climate, where big, old firms will be shrunken and/or eradicated.
  • I really imagined the end of the 2000’s to look like 1999. I think it will, but in radically different fashion, with big, old companies dying out, and new, small ones replacing their market share.
  • Everyone around me is buying up stock, and feeling the kind of buzz they felt 10 years before. There is a value to having a bottom — it’s when everyone jumps in to start buying things again. Hey, want a truck — sure, have two for one. Stocks are beginning to heat up during this monumental fire sale.

The message is, the right job is not just taking whatever you can get. Our aim is to give you access to companies that have real opportunities for you, based on your shared interests. Firms that specialize in your specialties constitute excellent places to work and prosper… the trick is locating them.

We know this is like finding a needle in a very large haystack, so our tools help you to locate firms automatically, with minimal effort and with maximal pertinence, to you. For the firms out there, so long as companies are struggling to find someone like you, they’re losing time, in a cash-strapped economy, so we aim to help those companies at the same time.

So, despite the turmoil across the world, we’re confident we’ll be an effective system for any firm. We are very excited to be in this line of business!


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Founder of Next Acropolis. MS in Information Systems and Technology, Claremont Graduate University... Background in software engineering and teaching.
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