The tuning of the regional economy, and the cultivation of the next great generation

Our major thrust in 2009 will be ‘regional economic development.’ We intend to build our business model upon the assumtion that economics is always regional, just like politics are always local. We have made relationships with students and recruiters across the world, and we enjoy this feeling of reach, but we must admit that employers have the greatest ability to influence academics on a regional level, and reach students at their nearby universities. After communicating with career development services offices up and down the state university backbone of California, our home state, we have concluded that college campuses are highly efficient places to promote our brand. We will parallelize communications with campus newspapers with regional business journals, to collectively wake up industries, and students to their potential.

In light of the recent economic slowdown, I believe that our system will be seen as a timely innovation in the annals of corporate productivity advancement. Simply put, our technology will enable companies to find the ideal educated individuals to meet the needs of growth and capability. Having the perfect person for each key role will strengthen the company beyond any other productivity saving tool. And being able to extend an offer to students is a major incentive for students to target their academics toward specific areas of their industry, and perform work that directly prepares them for recruitment. This way, Next Acropolis will incentivize and reward individual efforts to serve the needs of industries across the economy, and directly partner students with those employers in an on-demand fashion.

The economy must face a downturn in order to weed out corruption, inefficiency, stale business models and products that do not meet consumer’s needs. It is difficult to satisfy a consumer demographic whose discretionary income has receded; but designing for efficiency and low cost of ownership, across all product disciplines, will be a neccessary activity. Gas, electricity, raw materials, and money will all be precious, no matter if the economy is surging ahead or not.

The arrival of a whole new generation of independent, highly trained workers is something to be inspired about. The millenial generalization is very much an amusement for journalists; I find my students to be highly engaged, entrepreneurial and motivated to achieve for personal reasons well beyond the reward to prestige or money. In technology, this is quite common. But I believe that in the case of young people underserving their employers, hinted-at by writers on the ‘millenial generation,’ I believe that employers  will be pleasantly surprised by the street-savvy, business-minded attitude of our young people. I believe that so long as corporations give big projects to bright people, provide guidance and get out of the way of good ideas, that they will turn on the potentiality of this generation to deliver on our investment in them.


About stefan bund

Founder of Next Acropolis. MS in Information Systems and Technology, Claremont Graduate University... Background in software engineering and teaching.
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