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How Quants can have confidence, and you too, during this recession

The discipline of quantitative finance has really taken a beating this year. With so many economists blaming risk management techniques, and the roles financial engineers played in the credit bubble, this sector of the financial industry has suffered a major … Continue reading

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The tuning of the regional economy, and the cultivation of the next great generation

Our major thrust in 2009 will be ‘regional economic development.’ We intend to build our business model upon the assumtion that economics is always regional, just like politics are always local. We have made relationships with students and recruiters across … Continue reading

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Meeting next-gen entrepreneurs at University of SoCal

USC business students were kind to invite me to a meeting of GLOBUS, which is their international management society. I was greeted by eager, and super smart undergraduates, all of whom want to know how to get a startup moving. … Continue reading

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