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Picking up the fruits of the downturn

Credit Suisse shows no sign of slowing down as the rest of the world enters a slowdown. They are actively recruiting IT students, and trying hard to attract talent to thicken their ranks. One shouldn’t forget the lessons of Google … Continue reading

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Making hay during a dustbowl: how companies and students thrive in the near-term economy

The goal for this blog is to provide some means for our users to pierce the corporate veil, and look inside the heads of the folks who make choices here at Next Acropolis. I think that helps us; when we … Continue reading

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Turning the corner of the 'old economy'

A bright student this week contacted me via facebook and asked for help in locating a job. He is a senior finance student. I think I helped him fall asleep, either tiring him out or giving him some bigger picture … Continue reading

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Getting access to the Best Young People

Cam Marston’s 2007 essay on reaching the best and brightest young people for jobs, has influenced me very much during the design of Next Acropolis. I recommend you take a look at it, on page 6 of the National Association … Continue reading

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Green Energy is Getting a Break

Since january of this year I have followed the news on alternative energy. In 2007, solar industry firms made a stellar run-up in stock values; much of the sector’s stock increased in value. The funny thing is, given the momentum … Continue reading

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