The importance of the new guy

I am writing this blog to welcome our latest staff member, Michael Gorman. Mike will assume responsibilities for assembling a highly redundant, secure server architecture in support of Next Acropolis 1.0.

Mike comes to Next Acropolis with a B.S. in Information Security from Westwood College. Michael is an expert in linux system administration, and was selected to be our lead network technologist based on his research interests in cloud computing, virtualization strategy, and high availabilty server architectures.

I had to select an individual to entrust a key competancy for our company. This was time consuming, and required much consideration. I found that among the professionals whom I interviewed, that Mike, despite his recent graduate status, was the best prepared. He was familiar with the new technology, and had an attitude that was going to be valuable to what we are doing.

I found that hiring Mike contained the same rituals followed by my larger counterparts at technology, finance, healthcare and pharmaceutical firms. Mike embodied that can-do spirit and agresssive interest in studying new things. I myself came into the labor market in 1995, when the Internet boom was about to strike, and I found myself plunged into projects that realistically required ‘new blood;’ I was tasked with new computing systems whose adoption was connected to totally new revenue streams, and a realignment of corporate resources.

I could never rally against older workers; however, when companies strike out to expand product lines into new areas, and innovate into new channels, it makes sense to pursue those grow paths with employees who are new to the industry. One, it doesn’t disrupt trusted business units, whose team members worked hard to build strong equity in their practice. Two, if orchestrated correctly, the new business units simply expand the availability of traditional units. This could entail an improved supply chain, internet media distribution, new IT tools for inventory and logistics, and enhanced analytical capabilities.

New systems require pain, and often for corporations investing in new initiatives, like us, we had to turn to folks with a can-do attitude, who embraced change before we did. Many graduate students, and excellent candidates for bachelors’ degrees actually have done this. Literally, it is the newbies who have a background in forward-looking technologies and methods. It can simply be more efficient to put them into projects where they don’t have long standing projects they must leave, or legacy projects to share time with, as new systems are built.

Mike simply had a portfolio of research that most resembled what we have to produce. He studied virtualization tools like Zen, Hadoop and the Centos OS while in school, most likely from faculty guidance. He presented a strong research background into subjects where we needed expertise. We need not invoke the flat-world paradigm here; Mike simply knew the most about cloud computing, and it required very little new training, on his behalf. I have found his work, already, to be fast to delivery, and this will benefit us tremendously as we prepare for our launch.

I wanted to write a little about our ‘new guy,’ as his promotion underscores the capability of recent graduates. Also, I wanted to illustrate how we operate, at Next Acropolis, exactly as our clients do: we depend on fresh talent from college to enfuse the entity with new blood, and prepare a class of leaders for the future.

The business unit he leads will grow in value as our usership expands, and I hope to involve him in more decision making as we make new server centers in the Middle East, India, Europe, Singapore, and Brazil.

I don’t think he knows it yet, but his experimental work in building a successful paradigm for us in America, will literally have global mirrors in each of our expanding markets. When I receive Facebook® messages from students in the Middle East who say,’are you sure you are interested in us,’ I have been able to say, ‘absolutely.’ We simply cannot build the Next Acropolis without them.


About stefan bund

Founder of Next Acropolis. MS in Information Systems and Technology, Claremont Graduate University... Background in software engineering and teaching.
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