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The Recruit or Die Mindset, and how we'll solve this problem with labor (globally)

I admire Ian Ybarra’s book, Recruit or Die. It sees things the way they really are at college campuses. I believe that Next Acropolis will solve the problems Ian Ybarra presents. We will give all the quality firms who are … Continue reading

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Tuning the workforce through social networking

Since many of you understand the notion of next acropolis, it’s time to think outside the box. Next Acropolis is designed to allow recruiters to search for student talent, then make connections — ie, invite a job application, inform someone … Continue reading

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Bosses who are ‘always recruiting’: it’s not as easy as it should be

This recent article on msnbc underscores the paradox in modern corporations: the need to gather talent, despite the odds. McKinsey polled firms on how easy it was to conduct talent searches, and despite the nuber of online resources, it hasn’t … Continue reading

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Describing the Future of online Recruitment

Recently I have spent a lot of time joining groups on Facebook, and ‘friending’ individuals online who are in the recruiting industry. I have also spent time discussing The Next Acropolis as a product with new high school graduates, who … Continue reading

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Creating successes inside a culture of evidence

An article on the Chronicle of Higher Education’s website gives a strong example of operating inside of a ‘culture of evidence.’ In it, a graduate advisor describes listening to graduate students, who often come to her office to tell tales … Continue reading

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Keeping our service 'niche'

During the development of next acropolis I continue to remind myself that our system will be very niche. Right now we are focused entirely on the movement of talented university students from the academic world to the public world, and … Continue reading

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Recruitment gets more sophisticated

The National Association of Colleges and Employers recently posted some summary stats on recruiter behavior, costs and trends for this year’s graduating class. Some key details: 1. over the last 10 years, the number of recruits interviewed has dropped 50%, … Continue reading

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