Describing the Future

Recently I have spent a lot of time joining groups on Facebook, and ‘friending’ individuals online who are in the recruiting industry. I have also spent time discussing The Next Acropolis as a product with new high school graduates, who surprisingly have become very interested in the company’s concept:

Next Acropolis builds three systems:

1. a system for professors to create social networks around their courses

2. a system for students to manage their academic lives, including delivering papers to professors, and staying connected to courses

3. a system for recruiters, in corporate environments, to contact and locate students with the educational credentials they need.

The Next Acropolis system excels for recruiters who must locate student talent based on real knowledge. Papers and research projects give employers the best possible indicator what you know, and what you care most about. Frankly, the student who is the most invested in a particular subject, makes the best possible employee. Conversely, the employer who seeks someone who matches your profile, in terms of interests and values, is the ideal place to work. (This is the goal of career development professionals, who seek to place students based on their academic interests, but lack the visibility into student’s personal profile).

This very difficult combination of seeking employers based on your interests is resolved through a system that provides employers with the ability to locate you, based on your interests. I believe that this focus on exposing your strengths is an answer to many recruiters’ desire: which is a searchable social network, like facebook, that contains information they need on you. (Employers are relying less on transcripts, and much more on projects with professors, internships, and tangible evidence of talent to make hiring decisions).


About stefan bund

Founder of Next Acropolis. MS in Information Systems and Technology, Claremont Graduate University... Background in software engineering and teaching.
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