The Defense Sector Faces the Onset of Brain Drain

It’s not the fact that the US graduates 2.5 times the number of engineers it had in the 1940’s – it’s that the rest of the private sector also needs them. This article from the Baltimore Sun illustrates the challenge Northrop Grumman faces when facing off with Sprint, Microsoft and Google for recent math, science and engineering graduates. However, you can’t somehow separate the defense sector from the rest o the private sector. Planes, instruments, and armaments are products in the global market for goods. So, in order to sweep up graduates into their programs, they have to dig deep, and get students committed to their industries early (like elementary school). But don’t be surprised if Northrop also engineers cunning programs to communicate the value of their firm to students before they graduate. The talent arms race is on…


About stefan bund

Founder of Next Acropolis. MS in Information Systems and Technology, Claremont Graduate University... Background in software engineering and teaching.
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