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Going nuclear in the oilpatch

The state of Texas has launched an initiative to build a professional workforce to staff and run a suite of six new nuclear plants. They expect to recruit 2000 graduates over 10 years from the A&M schools as well as … Continue reading

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Bumping up the Investment in Higher Ed

This week’s Omnibus bill will update federal spending on U.S. college students. Pell grants will catch up with the rising cost of higher education. As Harvard pledges better financial aid to middle income students, this bill will place approximately 4K … Continue reading

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When half the workforce retires… The U.S. workforce in 5 years

Utility companies in New Jersey are experiencing the phenomenon of recruitment in the face of their senior leadership retiring. According to recent statistics, half of the workforce retiring in the next 5 years will put a similar strain on the … Continue reading

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